Sunday, March 22, 2009

Journey into the Crack Week 26!

Yes its been 26 Weeks! Wow what happens to the time. After the visit from Terry Adams. I have found new motivation. I was slowly becoming depressed trying to keep up with my progression but I kept regressing. I was loosing ground instead of making progression. At least visible progression. Now that it's light longer out side I can get to some riding more often without the added pressure of trying to get this done after work in 5 minutes. So hopefully we can get back on track and keep making steps. I have pretty good control of my glide now. I need to work on the ride in and the ride out now. That is going to be key to my success. I have been taking suggestion from many people on the ride out. I wanted to step back over but I really don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe a little latter on in my riding. I am going to go with the swing of the frame. I think I can handle that one.

Thanks for keeping up with my progression. The Journey Gap is closing!

Keep on Riding!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back at it!!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for keeping up with my progression with this trick. Now that we have more light during the week it will get abundantly easier to make more post. After I get my bike operational again...this week. I will show you were I am at with this trick. Its not going to go as fast as I was hoping but I am still making progression. I have had a few good rolls and gaining more control. I am hoping this Friday my bike will be back and I will make the long awaited update.

Thanks for everything!

Keep on Riding!