Friday, December 19, 2008

Journey into the Crack Week 12

Wow its been another week already. Yeah the weeks are coming around quickly and its almost Christmas. It would be nice if Santa brought a nice new Crackpacker out of his bag. Anyhow its week number 12 and the progression is starting to happen again. I learned from last weeks not to lean fwd at all. I have been working hard at not leaning fwd and it has been helping a lot. Yesterday at the O.G. I was able to coast the longest Crackpacker I have ever preformed. I knew right then I was ready to film again.
With the weather being colder and getting darker much faster its been a challenge finding time to go outside and ride. This past week I was able to ride 2 times for about 1 hour each time. I really want to take the time to study my riding in film and see what I am doing right and wrong and make corrections where they are needed. Please feel free to make comments here. One of the reasons I started a blog was so everything during this learning process will be documented in one location. It also gives me the motivation to keep the Blog Updated and keep my progression going. I bet you if I make a new post and had 10 new replies I would try even HARDER next time. I feed off your energy.

Keep on Riding!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in the Crack Week number 11

Hey everyone its been awhile since I have been able to make a post. Ever since the Atlanta Jam I have been on the road and not much riding time between all the travels of Jams and premiers. I am trying to get back on track. It seems I am at the same place that I left off with back in the first part of November. My son has noticed that even though I am in the same spot I am riding much smoother than I have in the previous weeks. My new slogan for the next year is in 2009 the Crackpacker will be mine! It was pretty cool at the end of this week when I bailed off the bike my bike was still standing. I also noticed when I fell off that I was leaned far over the bike. The next time I go out I will try my best to stand straight up and use my knees even more so. I really only got back on the bike consistently this week. I am hoping this can be a trend that I can keep going in the up and coming months ahead. Possible for Crackpackers at Voodoo? I will have to go into overdrive to reach that goal but anything is possible. Thanks for keeping up with my journey. Keep on Riding!!