Saturday, September 11, 2010

Journey into the Crack "The Ride In"

When I started this Journey into the Crack I was thinking "Okay I can learn this trick in a few weeks as long as I stay with it." Well after about the first year I was like WOW this trick is really beating me up. In the process of trying to learn this trick I have learned Cliffhangers. Messhia, Halfhikers and so many more tricks. This is one trick that is still on my list to check off. I never really stopped trying them just not a every single day basis. My son Caleb would constantly remind me about me my progression with this trick. He would ask me. How is your crackpacker coming along? I would always say "Very SLOW". I had many doubts that I would ever successfully ride in and out of one. I have been trying to do so for a very long time now. Well on September 10, 2010. I finally rode in from a steamroller. Something was different this day and things were clicking. As soon as I started to film I started riding in but didn't have control over my crackpacker. I studied the film briefly and noticed I was pulling back on my seat as soon as I would ride in and that would make me loop out. So I made a small adjustment and was able to succesfully ride in for the first time ever! I would love to compleate this Journey with a ride in and ride out. I keep saying to my self. If it took me 2 year to learn how to ride in. How long will it take to learn the ride out? I am going to see this trick all the way through to the end. The rest of this trick can NOT be that hard. Riding out is the hardest part of most tricks but I know as long as I don't give up I will eventually learn how to ride out of this. Thanks for taking this Journey with me.