Thursday, March 10, 2011

Journey into the Crack- Consistency

Its been a very long time since I started this journey. Since I started this way back when I have learned many other tricks. Some that are considered to be more difficult that this one trick. I was talking with Tod Miller and he said. "Mark you have abandon the crackpacker" I thought about it long and hard and he was exactly correct. I would only dabble in it when I felt like going through the motions. This trick has really beat me up. But I am going to take control of it and complete this journey. My ride in ability is finally starting to show signs of being more consistence. Any other time I would happen to ride it it would only happen once in that session and there were many days that I could not ride in even once. Today I was able to ride in 4 times 3 times I was in control and starting to try and step back. I just re-watched Effraim's #9 and saw the position of his body when he steps out of crackpacker. I am going to work very hard at achieving that balance point. I have gotten this far there is no reason that I can't finish this off this year.

1 comment:

ortho said...

you are totally biting Aaron's style.

haha, Mark you're really starting to kick this trick in the crack! You were rollin it like a pro there. Soon you will finish him.